No one good is ever looking. But that won’t stop us from finding them. That’s because we work with you to understand your business and culture and the role you’re looking to fill. Then, we create a target list of the best talent and engage them in a conversation to see if the opportunity at hand would be a good fit — for them, and for you. Throughout the process, we build and nurture relationships so you always have access to the best talent in the market. The end result? A top-tier shortlist, any of whom you’d be delighted to hire. Because we know you wouldn’t accept any less — and neither would we.

Internal Recruiter Coaching

We believe in growing and developing ourselves and our clients. That’s why we’re available to run coaching sessions with your internal recruitment team. They’ll learn the best way to talk about your business, and the role, so they engage the right people. We’ll teach them how to identify ideal candidates for a thoughtful (and exhaustive) target list. Finally, they’ll get the skills they need to lock down and deliver a great phone interview to bring it all together. Our straightforward methods help recruiters with a high volume of roles optimize their efficiency, so they can be more successful in building your dream team — and feel more fulfilled in their own roles.

Coaching & Consulting

Recruiting is more than making connections. You need to set people up for lasting success. We help clients determine the ideal organizational structure for their business, including which roles to hire first. Hiring managers are coached on how to build profiles for ideal candidates, create job descriptions to get their attention, and conduct impactful, engaging interviews.

We also work with candidates, helping them imagine what their next dream role might be — and how to create a resume that will land them that first interview. With our help, they learn how to communicate efficiently, so they can show up and be their best self in interviews and beyond.