We spend the majority of our waking hours at our jobs, working closely with people who often become a big part of our lives. Yet, most recruiters don’t find out what’s really driving people, before encouraging them to move into new roles. It can result in the wrong person for the role, a misguided career step, or simply a bad fit.

To find brilliant talent, we start by asking smarter questions. We work diligently to get to know the people and the culture of a company, so we’re able to reflect their values and spirit while considering potential prospects. When we meet new people, we take the time to dig deeper and get at the heart of what truly motivates them, in life and work.

What we want to know is: What lights your fire? That’s where things get interesting. If you’re looking for highly-qualified candidates for that highly specific role, no matter how senior or hard to find, let’s talk. We’ll help you find exceptional people, ready to jump in and get to work in the best job they haven’t had yet.

Our rules of engagement.

Getting at the heart of what makes someone great at their job, and what’s ultimately the best fit for every workplace, is a skill unto itself. Our team is highly experienced in understanding role requirements, company cultures and what drives people, not just at work but in life. While others might focus solely on job descriptions, work history and what looks good on paper, we take the time to genuinely understand where people are coming from, before suggesting where they might want to go next.

Finding the best person for a particular role starts by asking the right questions. For us, that process starts with getting to know our clients up close and personal. Sure, we want to know what kind of person they’re looking for, but we want to know just as much about the people at the company. What’s the vibe? What’s the vision? What’s the best place to eat around here? Then, we’re well-equipped to go out and bring back good people we know will be a good fit. How? We ask them a ton of questions too. Curiosity isn’t just part of our nature, it’s how we operate.

With connections across the country and around the world, we’re ultra-plugged-in to our local network, which means we’re constantly discovering talented people who wouldn’t pop up anywhere else. We get to know them even if there isn’t something on our radar at the moment, because you never know what might be on the horizon. The clients we’ve worked for and the people we’ve helped place are our biggest advocates, multiplying our reach virtually every day.

We know that jobs aren’t just jobs, but driving forces in our lives. It’s why we love what we do. Seeing people thrive in the workplace, and how that can transform other aspects of life, motivates us to work extra-hard for all our clients. We look in more places. We go to great lengths to find the right people for meaningful new positions. We create the conditions that help everyone make choices that are fully-informed and meet the all-important gut-check too. We’re relentless about it. But, you know, in a friendly way. When we happily share our drive, we attract like-minded people of all kinds.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re thoughtful in everything we do. We tailor our process to suit each client. We’re extremely selective in the people we put forward. We’re strictly confidential in every way imaginable. And we respect people’s decision-making process. By encouraging candid conversations at every stage along the way, we make sure everyone involved is able to voice their concerns and share their enthusiasm wholeheartedly.

Our Team

Victoria spent the first decade of her career in marketing and innovation, spearheading large-scale, transformational projects for brands such as Kellogg’s, Typhoo, Happy Planet, and Earth’s Own. Now, she’s using that experience to help build better brands from the inside-out. That means understanding exactly what, and who, they’re looking for, and never stopping until she finds it. It also means building relationships with a network of incredible people — and who wouldn’t want to make a career out of that?

Her tenacity, warmth, British wit (and Northern grit!) makes Victoria’s process an unparalleled experience for candidate and company alike. Growing businesses with the right people, from large to small, means being obsessive about fit. Victoria has used her passion to build entire leadership teams, and the teams underneath them, across every function.

Originally from Wales, Laura’s career began in the fast-paced world of finance. There, success was all about the details and all about the outcome. And well, it’s still about that. But now she’s using her detail-oriented and problem solving mindset to help find the perfect candidates for our clients.

How? Well, “drive” doesn’t begin to cover it. Laura is the engine of the business; progress simply wouldn’t happen without her. She is constantly conceiving and executing new creative strategies to unearth those hidden gems that your business needs. Caring and thoughtful by nature, Laura is focused on providing memorable experiences to clients and candidates at every touchpoint. Researching far and wide to create the list of high-calibre talent to target and engage isn’t a straightforward task. She just makes it look that way.