What’s at the heart of talent? What gives it direction, purpose, fire? What makes someone choose this path over that one? Is it the challenge, the journey, the amazing people they’ll meet along the way? Whatever forces are at work driving that heart, it’s exactly what we’re looking for. Like a torch in the rainforest of possibilities, we’re here, ready to lead the way to the next extraordinary place.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Victoria over a search she was conducting. Victoria has a special eye to find talent in blue ocean spaces, her ability to identify talent based on learning agility instead of focusing on prior experience is a disruptive way to bring diversity to your enterprise. Victoria also pays close attention to cultural fits and it is very disciplined with her approach to make sure both parties understand the nuances of the commitments they are making. I highly respect Victoria’s opinion, she brings a wealth of experience and plays a key role as a strategic partner in defining structures and talent pools.

Michael Gebrael, President & CEO, VEGA

I have had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating on projects with Victoria for 6 years. Victoria is amazing. She is thorough, thoughtful, compassionate, proactive, straightforward and just a really nice person to be around. A rare combination that results in her bringing a very balanced approach to everything she lends her energy to. She leads by example, is a purpose and core value champion and brings the very best out of everyone she encounters. Get Victoria into your personal and business circle of influence. You will be glad you did.

David Reeve, CEO, Aerocar Service

I have worked with Victoria as both a candidate and as a client and have had a fantastic experience. As a candidate, Victoria’s approach was direct, clear and helped me make an informed choice to make a change. She balances understanding the candidate’s wants and needs with what is best for both parties. As a client, I have seen her deliver excellent candidates consistently, and when searches need a course correct, her knowledge of the business is essential in making sure all parties are clear on what is realistic, getting us all to a great outcome.

Samantha Taylor, VP Marketing, Vega

I recently had the pleasure of working with Victoria for the first time and can’t say enough great things about her! Right out of the gates she dug in with the right questions to understand the skills we were looking for, but even more importantly she dug into the characteristics needed to thrive within our culture. The process was incredibly efficient and we ended up with a excellent pool of candidates, and ultimately an excellent new team member. Her experience having worked in the Marketing space herself is invaluable, and helps her to keenly assess talent and fit. Plus, she’s a lot of fun to work with. Wins all around!

Nikki Hellyer, Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, Rocky Mountaineer

Victoria is truly a topnotch recruiter! I have worked with some of the world’s biggest names in recruiting in the past, but I have never seen a headhunter so professional and efficient as Victoria. In the several searches that she has done for my team recently, she was absolutely impeccable; she was dedicated and highly assertive, having found us top performers within days, enabling us to complete our hires in a few weeks, in spite of our extensive interviewing process. She interviewed all candidates extensively before introducing them to us and only presented professionals with strong potential fit both for the roles and for the company. As a result, we ended hiring most of the candidates she recommended to us, as we didn’t want to lose them for the market since they were that good! She made our decision so easy! Victoria is not only respectful to us as a client, but also very considerate of the candidates, in a way I have never seen before, and I highly respect her for that. She is truly unique in the recruiting field and seems to genuinely live the motto “Great is not good enough!”. I highly recommend Victoria to any company who doesn’t feel comfortable with anything less than the best, both in terms of customer service and candidates. She is priceless and I hope she remains our official recruiter for life!

Marcia Viana, Senior Director Marketing and Research, Nature’s Path Foods

I’ve had the privilege of working with Victoria both as a job seeker and a hiring manager. Victoria is a true partner and the perfect advisor/coach/confidante, whether you’re looking for your dream job or hiring for your all-star team. She has an amazing ability to get to know you, the words on your job description, and everything in between in an efficient and simple manner. She’s personable, supportive, and refreshingly real with you, always. Her executive searches are strategic, focused and based on what you actually need. She goes the extra mile and that’s worth everything.

Susan Dong, Marketing Director, William F White International Inc.

I hired Victoria when our previous recruitment agency failed to deliver quality candidates for our consideration. All that changed when Victoria came onto the business. Immediately the quality of the candidates we were seeing went up dramatically. I got high quality briefings on the backgrounds of the candidates and Victoria’s perspective on who would fit and have the right skills to work at Nature’s Path were bang-on. Further, the candidates themselves were well prepared for their interviews and well-managed with respect to the level of compensation they could expect. What separates Victoria further from other recruiters is the hands on service she provides during AND after the search. Not only was she always available when we were looking, but she has done repeated follow-ups with both the selected candidates and my team to ensure that all are happy with their choices. The net result is a high-quality team that is performing very well. It shows in our business results as well as our overall team satisfaction. In a market where it is difficult to find quality CPG marketers, Victoria has the network to find great people to fill needs at all levels of an organization.

Darren Mahaffy, Chief Marketing Officer, Silver Hills

If you are wanting someone who is a good independent thinker and want to get things done Victoria is your person. She has a great breadth of experience and contacts that will provide with the additional resource and support to make things happen.

Rex Sheehy, President, Earth’s Own Food Company

I could not recommend Victoria more highly from the perspective of a marketing professional seeking a new job or role. She is an effective, conscientious and fast moving recruitment partner, who genuinely cares about finding a role that suits you as a professional and you as a person. She holds strong relationships with companies across Vancouver and will work relentlessly to ensure that a job is secured that suits your needs.

Jonathan Prince, Brand Manager, Earth’s Own Food Company
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